I've discovered two passions within myself - the desire to create, and the desire to empower; and its when I find the intersection of the two that my heart comes fully alive.

I've found that the things I make have the power to provoke and create conversation. Having always been more of an introvert, art's given me a new way to speak. Through a lump of clay, I'm able to wrestle through and figure out what's going on in my head. It's become the place where I can visually process the gravity of my heart - its significance physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

My desire as an sculptor is to create conversation: What is truth. What is pain. What is promise. What is struggle. What is love. What is shame. What is grace - and why these things matter. I specialize in ceramic sculpture, each piece hand made and unique.

My desire as a designer and business owner is to combine my skills, passions, and resources, and use them in a way to promote social good and empower a people group. I believe there is power in the consumer market - why not use it for the betterment of human kind. I own and operate Dear Survivor, a social enterprise using the sale of leather goods and jewelry to benefit human trafficking survivors in Southern California (dear-survivor.com).

I specialize in ceramic sculpture; each piece handmade and unique.

Current location: Redlands, California

For commission inquiries, email me.